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Non Disclosure and Confidentiality Agreement

(1) This document is a Non Disclosure and Confidentiality Agreement (NDA) between

(a) Company “ __Aerovition Digital An Aerovition Corp.,_________________” a BC Company.

(b) And Consultant “_____Online visitor With Granted Access______”.,

(c) Entry is subject to valid Canadian/International Identity (cyber identity, cookies traced or MAC address identifier)

(2) All material including financial, Company By law, its structure, its internal financial systems, Control structure, share distribution, Partners’ strategy documents, and SRE&D review, CRA write up back-ground information, discussion with the above named person/ Consultant(s) , in person or remote via virtual meetings, email messages, are private and confidential and are intellectual property of the company and non- disclose-able as (NDA) , by Law, without exclusive approval from Company ,its legal authority, Controller. All work and productions are agreed under “work made for hire.” And must be returned at the completion of the assignment.

(3) Working capital and turn over information and potential projected income information or contracts, either arms length or non arm length sources and qualified sources of revenue deemed as “qualified revenue” , that is under above NDA and consultant will not disclose directly or indirectly in any means of communication to any one. Product produced by any virtual tour is company and its owners sole property and only is the information authorized for release, by their approval to any body of any kind, explicitly or implicitly.

(4) Given we are competing with technology and innovation of the state of the art and have IP have been already been submitted or in process of submission to IP protection authority, and are under review for protection holding international law and WIPO Act, the extensivity of the protection of confidentiality by this and under this agreement will extend via this agreement as confidential and will remain under trust relationship, in the process, after with granted visit, hire and termination of contract indefinitely, while in interview and when under contractual relationship agreement verbal or written, with the access grated person, consultant above, for the stated engagement , holding stipulations of this agreement.

(5) In the process any company process, document or interim deficiency identified by consultant to meet the standard for the above engagement, will be best tried to have met, by any reasonable means to complete and deliver work product as required under this and good faith or trust agreement for the granted agreement, or engagement.

You enter the site agreeing the above stipulations, protected under WIPO Act, as Intellectual property holding International Law.

Board OF Directors.
Swedish World Wide,
Aerovition Digital Inc. An Aerovition Corp.

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