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Patent No. 2997471 , QuantumCloudiX Architecture , Applicable Domain BMW iNext
GPU (Autonomous) Processing Platform For A3iNet Hybrid Real-Time Intelligent, Deep Learning Network Systems, For Next Generation Quantum InternetX, Qunatum Communicaiton Systems

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BigData, Deep Learning In Digital & Quantum Technologies

Publication(s), Patents(s)

  • Single Unified Network Analysis: Analytic Pipeline(s) In Business Transformation To Artificial Intelligence Platform, Optimizing A Multi layered, Multi Channel System Of Systems, An Applied (CNN, RNN, R-CNN) Neural Network , Machine Learning Approach in Configuration Control For Product Line Engineering, Of Critical Systems
    Click here For Published.pdf Version, HLD, LLD, Engineering Design & Specifications

  • Complexity Pipeline Analysis:Performance Optimization In Multilayered, Multi-Channel Business Domains Transformation , Using HybridNetwork© Systems Architecture, in Applied Artificial Intelligence, For Next Generation Technology With LSSI_SOS_MDA
    Click here For Published.pdf Version, HLD, LLD, Engineering Design & Specifications
    a3iNet©, HybridNetwork©, HybridNet© , is a, properitary Machine Learning, Ai Method

  • Solution For Streaming Data Integration In A System Of Systems, Multi-layered Business Transformation. Patent No 2997492
    Click here For Published.pdf Version HLD, LLD, Engineering Design & Specifications

  • Alternative BigData Solution For XML, JSON And Streaming, Catalog Data Integration In A System Of Systems, Multi-Channel Business Transformation Using SAP Hybris,Patent No 2997492
    Click here For Published.pdf HLD, LLD,Engineering Design & Specifications

  • A Graph Based Approach For Next Generation Quantum PhotonIP Network System Design And Definition Absorbing Present Internet. Patent No. 2997477
    Click here For Published.pdf Version HLD, LLD, Engineering Design & Specifications

  • Non Prejudicial Disclosure (Intellectual property)

    Disclosed , Intellectual properly (propooal )to W3c.Org Submitted Date: Wed, 29 Jul 2015 Field Of Study: Ph D Proposal, (Disclosure) At Univresity of Cambridge Ai-NFC SELF POWERED DEVICES INTEGRATION- BIOMEDICAL OR NON BIOMEDICAL

    (a)A common Interface (specification,method & properties), using NFC “Capable” , Motion enabling assisted Ai devices or for implanted devices(various Bio Medical nature) , to transmit digital data to automate navigation (or Mobility) for essential or life sustaining activity , via a Browser based mechanism in a Control systems, [requiring minimal motions/efforts] , to interact with day to day essential tasks: interacting with Payment Systems, Healthcare / Medicare, Assiting Agencies, Transportation or Social communicatoin or Financial domains (interacting with , these domains’ already existing standard protocols) , for centralized control(device to device included).[Natural Language processing & NFC]

    (b) Voice activated control systems interfaces, as sets of instructions to “receive” or ”send” NFC transmitted data from NFC capable products and utilize the ”common interface”(ref. in (a) , above specification's proposal ) to interact with numerous business domains. [Natural Language processing NLP & NFC]

    Current Research Areas

    Swedish Wordl Wide , Aerovition Digital Inc.
    European Union

    Jul, 2019 - Feb 26, 2020

    Internal Medicine & Computational Medicine - Patient Healthcare Informatics , HIPPA INFOWAY

    End State Analysis, Nephrological Analysis in Diabetes For Type 1 or 2 With Blood Trasnfusion, Inernal Organ Malfucntion, - Hypertension, Kidney cancer -Blood Research

    a3iNet application on Internal Medicine - Disease prevention and Predicition

  • Chronic Kidney disease (with 15% or less Kidney function), Renal Failure Analysis
  • Inernal Organ analysis vs. Drug Delivery Systems pathway, for preventative medicine, For Diabetes type 1 or 2
  • Drug effectiveness on internal organs during type 1 and 2 Diabetes, such as kidney, Pancreas, Stomach , Gastrointestinal tract, Glaucoma, Hearing impairment
  • Bacterial and Viral infection in blood stream analysis
  • Patient biophysical changes during treatment/clinical trial steps.

    Ai In Global HealthCare, Pathology:MRI, CAT Scan, Preventative and Forensic Medicine.

  • Application of Ai and ML for improving healthcare systems via enhancement of information access for 'print disable' individuals for government using innovative ai Approach.

  • Ai In Cyber Pathology:Ai applied techniques encoded with enough precision to detect and monitor threat actors' presence in network traffic and system telemetry, and identification of offenders.

  • Ai-Healthcare - approach to develop innovative capture solutions to improve accessibility of digitized documents and increase production capabilities, thus providing world citizens and government organizations with more cost-effective, accessible and adapted digital information.

    Application of a3iNet In Internal Medicine & Diabetes

    Human Internal Organ Mapping & Topology Analysis With a3iNet Hybrid Deep Learning Network In Computational Medicine

  • Kindey (CKD & Renal Failure)
  • Pancreas
  • Stomach
  • Brain
  • Singnal Transduction Pathyways
  • Lymphoma - Histopathological Research
  • Lymphatic Cancer Treatment Options Research
  • Late Stage Hodgkin and Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma Treatment Research

    Digital and Quantum Technology

  • a3iNet Application For Multi Dimensional Complex Data analysis For Tensor Derivation, In Field Theor(ies) & Equation(s) Of Particle & Quantum Technology for photon qGraphData Pathway Measurement -Embodiment Patent PCT051567 Data transport mechanism analysis, under Bose–Einstein condensate state, for photons(quanta) based communication system
  • Researh and Specification Investigation, Impact Anlaysis For Quntum Data Visualization Via Advanced Browser Technology -Extended Embodiment
  • Predictive System Development and Specification using a3iNet For Complex Multi Dimensional & Astronomical Data Integration.

    Deep Space Communication with Quantum InternetX in multidimensional Space-Time. - A Embodiment of PCT/IB/2018051567
    Application of a3iNet In Tele-Communication with Multi-Dimensional Space-Time.
    Application of a3iNet In Advanced / NextGeneration GeoSpatial Deep Learning Neural Network Systems Engineering With Multi-Dimensional Space-Time: Trasportation Systems(Space, Land, Multi-layerd)
    Application of a3iNet In Astronomical & Multi-Dimensional Space-Time data Analysis with Einstein's Field Equation.

    Bose-Einstein Condense state was first invented at the labratories of Physics, at University of Dhaka (Bangladesh) by Satyendra-nath-Bose (url) who was a tenure lecturer then, at the Department of Physics, Of Dhaka University, Bangladesh holding a MSc degree, later became Chair of the Dept. of Physics, at Dhaka University Bangladesh, by Einstein's recommendation at University of Dhaka, who spent 25 years as a professor at University of Dhaka, Bangladesh

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