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Date: As Of Jan 2019.
The Swiss Capital Financials Group 's Opeartonal Domains Across Globe.


Grant Efforts are underway from private or public sponsors. Information Will be disclosed accordingly

  • 2020-04-29: Aerovition Digital Inc. recevies Grants from Government of Canada.
  • 2016-2020 :Funded by Private Investors.

  • 1. The Swedish World Wide,
    2. Chartered Financials
    3. The Firm Yale
    4. VectorSpace -( Architecture And Desgn)
    5. Aerovition Digital Inc.: Ai, Quantum R&D
    6. Channel 17LM( Live Advertisement,Entertainment), Evening With a Muse
    7. WebDakar Clinic
    8. The Dhaka City Pvt Ltd
    9. Swedish World Wide Holland
    10. Travel & Stay
    11. Aerovition Institute
    13. Swiss-Asia Global Investment Corporation
    14. Beijing Dhaka Global Investment Corporation
    15. BizExec Professional Service
    16. AeroExpress
    17. TheFutureize2200(Digital Advertisement for all verticals)
    18. LePicnik Paris
    19. Actors' Firm, Referenceing ADC Threatre, at U of Cambridge,UK)
    20. Sustainable NGO International (Non Profit NGO, International Assistance)
    21. Quantum Telekommunikation und InternetX (Quantum Telecommunication & InternetX
    22. The Firm Swedish Consulting
    23. Appraiser World Wide
    24. QuantumX
    25. Human Quantum Biophysics and Reverse Quantum Bio Physics Project
    26. Swiss Francios Executive
    29. EkPata New and Ad.
    30. Digital Publishing

    Quantum, E@Business, Digital Product Portfolio: R&D , BigData-Ai, B2B, B2C (Cloud Based, Mobile, Multi-Platform Solution)- Release Disclosure
    5 - International Patents Filed as PAAS, IAAS, SAAS,DAAS, - March 06 2018 - Dec 2018.

    Enterprise Business Solutions:

    Multi Functional Platform For Ai Market Competative Products, Customizeable By Country/Theatre, For:

    For Developing World

  • a. Integrated Banking Solutions
  • b. Integrated Hospital Management- Patient Healthcare, Labratory, Pathology, Extra-Mural, Pharmacy & Clinics compliant with HIPPA, INFOWAY regulations WebDaktarClinic©
  • c. Integrated Billing, KotoTaka©, Compliance PCI, PSD2 (EEA,UK)
  • d. Integrated Disaster Management & Adminsitration, (Rokkha©)
  • e. Entertainment Solution, (KeyKotha©)
  • f. Advanced Postal & Delivery Systems, (Dak©)
  • g. Inexpensive Hybrid, Solar-Electric Vehicle Systems' End To End Configuration Control Systems, (BengaliSky©)
  • h Automomous AirCar Systems
  • i. Integrated Retail-Manufacturer End to End Supply Chain System
  • j. Integrated and Advanced Trasportation Network System, (Jatra©)
  • k. Computer Aided, Textile Manufacturing, Maintenance & Management System,( Khadi©)
  • L. Manufacturer To Retail Delivery Systems, (DoorToDoor©, Showda©, Hawker© (Hoker©) Scope:Country)
  • M. Immigration & Refusgee Service Asroy©, (Thae©)
  • N. Protective, Defense & Emergency Service (DurShomoy©)

    For Developed World, Application To Enhance Drugery, Economic and Communication Across Industry & Government

  • Automation : Aerospace, Robotics, Manufacturing, System of Systems
  • Digital Technologies : Streaming Services and Telecommunication
  • AirCar Navigation Systems Development
  • Quntum Technology: Media & Advanced Space-Deep Space, To Earth, Communication

    InterNetX : Next Generation Internet

    ** ©Trade Mark Names, Bear Cutural Heritage In Naming Products With Socialized names

    Recruitment Graduates / Students From:

    1. University Of Oxford, Said School
    2. Univeristy of Lyon, France
    3. University Of Cambridge,UK
    4. University of Paris, Sorbonne
    5. University Of Michigan
    6. University Of Brtish Columbia, School Of Business
    7. Stanford University, Gradute School Of Business And Enigneering
    8. Geroge Washington University Washington DC
    9. Harvard University, Cambridge MA
    10.University Of Minnesota Twin Cities,MN, US
    11.Mayo Clinic Education and Research
    13.Yale University
    15.Oxford Brooks
    16.John's Hopkins University
    17.University of Leiden
    18.University of Hague
    19.University of Geneve
    21.Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, MIPT, Russian Federation.
    22.Max-Planck Institute for Extraterrestrial Physics
    23.Max-Planck Institute for Plasma Physics
    24.KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm | KTH
    25.Univeristy Of Zurich

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    System Design & Management, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, MIT Affiliate




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