Digitized Hollogramic Virtual Reality, Projecting Year 2200

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    Developing Hologram Effect Provisioning Complex Photon Objects


    PCT /IB/2018/05/2241 &1567
    An extended embodiment of this innovation comprises with a combination of PCT /IB/2018/05/1567, ( filed separately)

    Transforming Complex BigData to Photon Datagram using a hybrid deep learning neural network, from Bill of Materials’
    configuration control, in a large scale system of systems (LSSI_SOS) – for Anti-gravity Complex or Photon based , System of
    Systems Design and configuration Management (in Large Scale Enterprises.)

    Digital Virtual Reality Implementaion of: Advertising Mottos such as:

  • Advertize With us for Next Generation Space Travel & Leisure: Celistial 30 day TimeShare in Space - an intersolartic Experience.
  • Meet The SpaceGeeks©.
  • A visit to Space station of the 19th Century - A visit to the StartAge.
  • RedTheatre on Mars --Playing Now "Hamlet".
  • Taste A Natural Space Fruit called BlueLime©"
  • RundTrip from Neptue to Jupitar only for SPD$3399.99




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