Space Travel, Solar, Aerial and Underwater Transport

Solution for Critical systems : Applied Artificial Intelligence, Defense, Aerospace, Aviation, Automotive Systems, A3iNet RealTime Intelligence

Technology For Advanced Product Definition; Space , AeroSpace, Aviation, Quantum Technologies.

  • a. WE design, develop, & implement Critical systems(satellite,Aeroplane, Space shuttle) blueprints, for functional and cross systems integration , for land to air airworthiness, for Federally regulated, compliant systems , in EU, North America , Asia or Middle East.
  • b. Our engineers are well seasoned, dedicated and highly sophisticated contributors to satisfy investors and Partners’ expectations using our cross industry verticals’ experience.
  • c. Our R&D Team consults in designing and developing Intelligent, Next Generation Land to Space -Air systems (7th Mode of Transport©), that is well proven & applicable to develop cross Business and Engineering Domain’s products, for Space Travel, Guidance systems, and graph based guidance path satellite guided , inter-intra solar system’s transport able manned or unmanned systems , for inter-intra galactic research , for the next generation.
  • d. WE provide consultation for system of systems integration, & management, for underwater transport, for land to water discovery and scientific research.


    Patent Filed

    Applied A3iNet in Real Time Intelligent, Hybrid Network Systems Development (Applied Artificial Intelligence) System Of Systems (SOS), Critical Systems [English]

    Part -1 Solution For Auto And Underwater Vehicle Configuration Using a3iNet, for civil and defense systems
    Part -2 Solution For Aero And Air Systems Configuration Using a3iNet for civil and defense systems
    Part -3 Solution For Space And Extra Terrain System Configuration Using a3iNet for civil and defense systems
    Part -4 Solution For Embedded And Control System Configuration Using a3iNet, for civil and defense systems
    Part -5 Solution For Bio Medical Systems Configuration Using a3iNet
    Part -6 Solution For World Wide Financial And Control System Configuration Using a3iNet
    Part -7 Solution For Human Bio Physical (Organ) and Quantum Bio Physical Systems Configuration or Research, in Reverse Bio Physics Using a3iNet
    Part -8 Solution For World Wide Transportation Systems Configuration (Aerial, Terrain or Space), Using a3iNet
    Part -9 Solution For Geo-Physical or Atmospherics Systems Configuration , Using a3iNet
    Part -10 Solution For Thermonuclear Research in Accelerator /Quantum Physics Using a3iNet
    Part -11 Solution For Industrial and Mass Production of Automation and Ai-Robots Using a3iNet

    A Tribute To Stephen Hawking

    Experimental Aerospace

    Satellite Launch, Deep Space, Cosmology, Space Research,

    Potential Solution For Space X, NASA Crush Investigation - From Launch Pad to Orbit.


    i.) Action chaining at interjecting / invoking point of concern, using such Restful APIs, by provisioning in compliance with (JSR311), can optimally integrate Federated Cloud or Component Engineeing-Integrated Platforms (Domains) across business theatres, within A single function / API, call or callback. -- Chief Engineer, Architect.On Prediction, Risk, Failure, Forecasting

    Airbus / Falcon 9, Rocket Launch

    ii.) It is well (sensibly, with rationale) understood that a prolonged object cannot sufficiently (remain/maintain), equality in the distribution of its center of the mass, to work against gravitational forces , in uneven surfaces , destined to return to, with only 3 landing gears, (similar in nature of an airplane systems that returns to a flat surface using landing gears). More landing gears attached to the body in circles, by tripling or more times, can reduce the disaster, in experimental aerospace, and save investors funds to migitate Risk, for efficient use. (Recommendation For A Better Design Approach)

    iii.) System Development Life Cycle (SDLC) Of The Dream Liner, Boeing 787 program,

    Mulit-layered Business Domain Integration, Automating System of Systems, A Model Driven Approach, Applied At Boeing 787 Program, at The Boeing Company 2005, Standards For Commercial Ariplane systems Integration, Integrated Product Standards Management, IPSM, 2005. Commercial Airplane systems integration, Prototype & Implementation Of Prototype. ROI 25B+ US$. (~Multi Industry Domain ~100B USD $) (Systems Architect, Author: Sha Rahman, / Shaw Rahman)

    Systems Integration Consultation Domains:

    Electrical, Avionics, Wire Integration, Big Data, Configuration Control, Functional Integration, Standards Management, Intelligence, System Of Systems.




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