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Aerovition Digital Inc., An Aerovition Company, headquartered in at Vancouver BC, Canada, is an applied artificial intelligence based Highly skilled solution provider for Fortune 10, 100, 500 companies and Research Institutes across globe. Application and solutions range from blue print design for delivery of large scale aircraft systems, automotive integration and their service socialization: autonomous vehicle design & for more comfortable service delivery for user experience. It specializes in common interface based solution delivery for large scale data integration from numerous vendors products across all lines of business from service origination to fulfillment. It develops solutions for financial industries & banking systems, to materialize micro service based restful business process execution strategy development. It focuses multi-verticals: Pharmaceuticals, Space, Retail, Healthcare, Agriculture, Biomedical , Government and NGO sectors. Since its inception in Jun 20 , 2016, It has been able to attract investments of several hundreds of thousands dollar & and make several thousands connections, channel partnership, in industry to make its presence recognized in industry globally, with executives , researcher , and engineers.
Company invests its resources and intellectual property, for developing solutions using quantum optimization for optimized Ai services in multi verticals including high energy and High technology to comfortably socialize its product lines and Services . Its solutions ranges Multichannel, Mobile platforms, cloud and Middleware products design and integration. Presently it has 12 platform service based products solution lines. It has established service alliance with leading industries and Research Institutes across globe.
Estimated resource profitability worth, $150 M.


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Aerovition Digital Inc.’s Proprietary Solutions For Applied Artificial Intelligence, in LSSI_SOS_MDA: (JEE Restful Micro-service, Ai Product R&D), Digital Transformation, Ais© Solution Series, in Cyber Product Line Framework, for Advanced Business( Identified By Generic Product Platform Name)

  • Line 1 Guided Systems For Autonomous Vehicles, Spacecraft, Terrain and Underwater Systems Navigation, AisX17©
  • Line 2 BioMedical Scanning:MRI ,CAD, Physiological Organ Desgin, AiXB10©
  • Line 3 Forensic Medicine: Advanced Security - Body Parts Fingerprints, Face Recognition & Identity Management Systems, AisXF17©
  • Line 4 Model Driven System of Systems For Neuro Computational Medicine, Drug Pathways & Clinical Trials. AisXDS17©
  • Line 5 Accelerator Physics and Big Data Mining for Complex Analytics, AisXA17©
  • Line 6 Autonomous Commercial Airplane, Space or Space Vehicle Systems Integration. AisXSA17©
  • Line 7 Biomedical Product Design, Clinical Research, Analytics, AisXCR07©
  • Line 8 Cyber Product & Development Framework, AisXCF07©
  • Line 9 Cardiovascular, Brain, Neural Disease Research, AisXBR09©
  • Line 10 Solution For Auto Industry Product Line Optimization: Autonomous Vehicle Guidance, Model Driven Configuration In System Of Systems Integration, XilencerAisCX07©
  • Line 11 Expert Solution For Integrated Healthcare, Pharmaceutical Industry, Insurance Company, Billing Systems, DigiHealthAiXrial20t©
  • Line 12 Applied Artificial Intelligence for Integrated Compliance Management Systems, ITAR, SOX, ICA, IiSRixK20GT©
  • Line 13 Virtual Reality Streaming for High-Speed Digital Media Transport In Live, Entertainment, Infotainment, V-StreamXi

    Disclosed" as Intellectual properly (as proposal) to W3c.Org Submitted on Date: Wed, 29 Jul 2015, Ph. D Proposal, (Disclosure) At University of Cambridge Relevance:

    (a)To Implement A common Interface (specification), using NFC “Capable” , Motion enabling assisted devices or for implanted devices(variety of Bio Medical nature) , to transmit digital data to automate navigation (or for Mobility) for essential or life sustaining activity , via a Browser based mechanism in a Control systems, [requiring minimal motions/efforts] , to interact with Payment Systems, Healthcare, Medicare, transportation or financial domains (with, these domains’ already existing protocols) , for centralized control(device to device included).

    (b)Voice activated control systems (voice xml) can implement interfaces as sets of instructions to “receive” or ”send” NFC transmitted data from NFC capable products and utilize the ”common interface”(ref. in a , above) in previous proposal to interact with numerous business domains.
  • Line 15
  • Virtual Reality Streaming, V-Stream©, In Mobile Advertisement©.
    Virtual Navigation/locational Services, From Source To Destination, for Handheld Digital GPS Devices (Devices/Watches), Xi_VTour©.Android & non Android Platforms (exclusion of IOS-Iphone platform) Specific

    Product Line 1-13 &15 Disclosed at on 18.07.2017, 02:31, Jul 18, 2017.To, "David R. Karger" , "Lynn Andrea Stein" , "Ralph R. Swick" , "Daniel J. Weitzner",,,,

    Previous Contribution to Industry.

    Multi-layered Business Domain Integration, Automating System of Systems, A Model Driven Approach, Applied At Boeing 787 Program, at The Boeing Company 2005, Standards For Commercial Ariplane systems Integration, Integrated Product Standards Management, IPSM, 2005. Commercial Airplane systems integration, Prototype & Implementation Of Prototype. ROI 25B + US$.

    LSSI_SOS_MDA, ROI In Large Scale Industry Implementation for System Optimization, 100B+ USD $.

    Intel Corporation®, Digital e-commerce Cross Domain systems Integration, Using Multi Channel Gateway, For Multi systems integration composed of Intel's Digital Media Sales & Distribution, including Intel's Global Payment Vendors' Systems, Social Media(s), Search Engine, Taxation, & Accounting Systems (or SOX-Interface) , for multifaceted communication , ~200 M - 1 B USD$(ROI Industry wide). Prototype, HLD, LLD, Cross Corporate Impact Analysis, Software Code Implementation JEE/Restful API.



  • Line 16
    On July 28, 2017 at 3:32 AM Shaw Rahman wrote:,,,,

    Functional and Technical Proposal -Product Line Initiation.
    (i) To utilize existing GPS interface in mobile wrist watches, (n Android or other non- IOS platforms, & exclusion of IOS , Apple Inc.’s
    platform), to initiate telephone calls , for bi-directional tele-communication conversation, without an auxiliary need or dependency of
    mobile phones, using blue-tooth , or wireless interface (medium) and Voice XML interface, for voice data interchange using a browser

    (ii)To use location services to identify where the calls (in above (i) ) is being initiated from, to track via existing caller
    identification(subscriber) interface.

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