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Aerovition Digital Inc. Alligns With Major Research Institutes & W3C
To ReachOut Destination In Digitized Solution Provisioning.


Destination & Vision To Digitize:

Feb 02,1999 Laboratory Pathology & Extra Mural ,Mayo Clinic & Foundation
Oct, 2002, Meeting at Laboratory For Nuclear Science , Middleton, MA ,Bastes Lab MIT
Jul 01, 2012 Communication / Consultation with Prof. Dr. Sebastian Seung at MIT, Human Connectom project,
June 20, 2016; Est. in Canada
June 30, 2016. University of Cambridge,- Meeting: Dr.Alastair Beresford & Dr.Andrew Rice,
Project Sir.Isaac Newton Institute Of Mathematical Sciences, Cavendish Laboratory,
July 1, 2016 .Canada Day,
Jul 04, 2016 Meeting w/ Dr.Wolfgang Heidrich,Max Plank UBC KAUST
Jul 10, 2016 University Of Cambridge Alliance in Sustainable leadership
Nov 3, 2016 University Of Oxford. Meeting at Richer Picture Project.Cyber Security.
Nov 04, 2016 Said School Of Business Affiliation University Of Oxford
Nov 14, 2016 Partner in Service Alliance With University Of Cambridge
Nov 23, 2016 Cavendish Laboratory, University Of Cambridge affiliate
Dec 07, 2016 EMC-Dell & Oracle Channel Partnership
Apr 12, 2017 Meeting with Professors Ian Horrocks, Michael Benedikt, Boris Motik at University of Oxford in relation to,
Common System modeling for Large scale Data Interchange & Integration

Product Delivered & Applicability(JSR 311):

A Generic Mechanism (Implemenation of Algorithm) To Access Multi Classifiers Of Numerous Mime Types, using ANSI Standard based Query Language, NoSQL, RDF,SmartData, for:

Multi variant Classifier , Objects, Products Access To Optimize Product Line Engineering, With provision To Apply Support Vector Machine To Accommodate Pattern Based Systems Integration, Independent of Platform. Applicable to Any Domain's Information Integration & Forecasting.

Code Published in Java, Aerovition Digital Inc. Proprietary Intellectual Property ©2017,.Fields:

SmartData,BigData Mining.Virtual Configuration Management For CyberPLM©, Bill Of Materials Integrations, Digital Media Products & Analytics, Micro-Service Implementation in Critical systems Integration. Multi Domain Controller, Compliance JSR 311 RestfulAPI Specification Rev.00.10, Applied Artificial Intelligence, ML, Semantic Web Standard Compliant.




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