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Aerovition Digital Inc., An Aerovition Company, headquartered in at Vancouver BC, Canada, is an applied artificial intelligence based Highly skilled solution provider for Fortune 10, 100, 500 companies and Research Institutes across globe. Application and solutions range from blue print design for delivery of large scale aircraft systems, automotive integration and their service socialization: autonomous vehicle design & for more comfortable service delivery for user experience. It specializes in common interface based solution delivery for large scale data integration from numerous vendors products across all lines of business from service origination to fulfillment. It develops solutions for financial industries & banking systems, to materialize micro service based restful business process execution strategy development. It focuses multi-verticals: Pharmaceuticals, Space, Retail, Healthcare, Agriculture, Biomedical , Government and NGO sectors. Since its inception in Jun 20 , 2016, It has been able to attract investments & and make several thousands connections, channel partnership, in industry to make its presence recognized in industry globally, with executives , researcher , and engineers. Company invests its resources and intellectual property, for developing solutions using quantum optimization for optimized Ai services in multi verticals including high energy and High technology to comfortably socialize its product lines and Services . Its solutions ranges Multichannel, Mobile platforms, cloud and Middleware products design and integration. Presently it has 12 platform service based products solution lines. It has established service alliance with leading industries and Research Institutes across globe. Our Goal is to reach every Bit & Corner of The World with Optimized essential Services & Application Of Artificial Intelligence, in Social Life, for Greater Freedom and Ease, leveraging International Business co operation. The company focuses its engagement in 12+ verticals in R&D. Multi Channel Platform Solution design & delivery are based on SAP, Oracle, Microsoft, Open Source & Open Systems, utilizing Applied Artificial Intelligence, in Logic & Architecture. Our Estimated resource profitability worth, $150 M, Over a Successful projection in 5 Fiscal Years, combined Partners is, $500M - $1B ( Potential Market share, Projection)

Aerovition Digital Inc. Executive Board

Aerovition Digital Inc, is a Privately held Research, Engineering, Medicine, Technology, Business Development, Management, & Resource Development, Firm, in Industry With Proven Track Records, of 20-40 years' in profession: Engineering , Medicine, Education , Research and Business Consultation..
Our Board Consists of Distinguished Doctoral , Post Doctoral Researcher Scientists, UN fellow, Presidential Appointee, Enterprise Archives, Fellow Engineers, Economists, Finance Executives, Executive Business Managers, Executive Counselors, Across, Engineers, Scientists, , Professors, MBA's, MSC's, Mentors

We develop technology to apply in our areas of practices in numerous verticals, using applied Ai throughout US, UK & Canada, South Asia, European Union at Aerovition Digital Inc. & Foundation's Departments

Silicon Valley, SF | New York | Vancouver, BC | Toronto, ON | Paris , France | Amsterdam, NL| Munich , GE| Zurich, Switzerland | Stockholm, Sweden
Honorary. Executive Board Members, Researchers, Pathologists, located in
Japan | China| Hong Kong| Singapore| EU | Australia| S Korea.|Far East & South Asia

Studentship Program:

Available, Internship Program: Year Around, International.
Available International & Northe America: Permanent / Contract Specialist, Advisory Consulants, (Ph D Required).

ASIA - Human Resource.

Non Executive Authorized Associates:

Aerovition Digital Inc. Announces Advisory Board For R&D And Managed Services

  • We welcome Ph. D and post doctoral researchers and Engineers to collborate with in R&D.
  • Veteran Executives for Managed Services.

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