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Advisory Service & Executive Consultation For Business Integration, Mergers and Technology Implementation: Industry Verticles
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BlockChain, ML, Ai, Deep Learning, Execution Using ITIL, In IoT Implementation

We assist,

Executive Responsibility, CIO Management in DAAS, SAAS, PAAS, IAAS, under HIPPA, ITAR,SOX.

The DAAS (data as a service) which is provisioned from PAAS (platform as a service for data objects /domain specific data: biomedical trials
(device or medicine), patient tests treatments , biomedical records ( under HIPPA Act)

These are governed by a Governance broad for a lead /director level executive responsible for each domain or line of business who we enable tom comply to writes Information Strategy , for data , service and platform integration, in collaboration with eVP, VPs of every line of business on a day to day basis, governed not by "one executive" or eVP / VP as all members of executive (Governance).

Bio, Informatics / Computational Medicine: We assist,

Biomedical data / Clinical trials data for disease research and Patients trail cases for biomedical treatments, cancer, drug development , & disease data in a master data or BigData management ( data itself thru Ai, ML algorithms for analysis) and micro management of other CIOs, Bigdata project managers or Lead data scientist or architects, for government search funded programs.

Consultation Remuneration Disclsoure - Remote / Online /Skype -Short Term
  • Legacy, Non Ai, - Systems Integration (Financce,Banking), Data Modeling, System Modeling , Review / Consultation :HLD, LLD, Impact Analysis 30 minutes, USD $175. (or CAD Equivalent international currency)

  • Ai, Machine Learning, - Systems Integration, Optimal Algorithm Analysis Review / Consultation : HLD, LLD, Impact Analysis 30 minutes, USD $225 (or CAD Equivalent international currency)

  • Bio, Informatics / Neuro, Computational Medicine: - Systems Integration, Optimal Algoritsm Analysis Review / Consultation :HLD, LLD, Impact Analsis 30 min USD $225. (or CAD Equivalent international currency)

    Consultation Expense Disclsoure For Remote / Online / Skype -Long Term / On site contract, By agreement,

    Includes Expense Coverage, For tune,500, 100, 50, 10 Corporate , Excluding permanent placement

  • Stating CAD $ 175 Depending On Complexity, Lenghth, Geographic location, Corproate Size/ Volume.

  • Satellite-Launch / Guidance Systems, Navigation, Weather Forecasting, Atmospheric Research:Catastrophie Management

  • Solution for Weather Forecasting.
  • Catastrophie, Disaster Predictive Management

    We Assist to, Define & Design Product Lines and Structure For Execution & Delivery

    Define SDLC in Bigdata product and platform definition to meet a service delivery and execution requirement , from inception of data from multiple source systems or partners/ and external sources, to data storage, retrieval, archival and retention policies /disposal – that the engineering team builds in leading cross-functional teams from a product's conception to delivery

    1. Design and document the right aspects of data definition , retention, associated data structures, and data quality management procedures to drive business outcomes using data as a service/DAAS .

    2. Lead the strategy and roadmap for evolving in big data and analytics platform to meet the highest level of privacy and compliance for corporate IT products and infrastructure.

    3. Governance, Plan and implement audit and certification process for the big data and analytics infrastructure environment (SSAE-16 SOC, HIPAA, PCI )

    4. Responsible for monetization of data via APIs /SAAS and DAAS integration for domain data provisioning.

    5. Layout Plans for engineering teams for delivery and assign timelines for implementation.

    6. Delivery of Definition to release process and coordinating all the activities required to build and maintain the data infrastructure, IAAS for DAAS

    7. Formulation Governance creative process of generating, developing, and curating new ideas and promoting data infrastructure features to execute product strategy forward, to achieve key objectives for the product line and domain’s business

    Prioritize data infrastructure set strategic goals to work closely with engineering on the technical specifications to deliver a complete infrastructure as platform / products

    In Requirement delivery for platform and DAAS , SAAS ,:HLD, LLD, impact analysis, in detailed documentation on the data infrastructure

    We are Experts in meeting PKI for problem solving, implementing quick and effective action plans to in priority For a 5- year IT strategy and a weekly data /platform usage report

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