TheFlyByCar© Project

Solution For Autonomous Aerial Hybrid Vehicle Trasport, Critical systems : Applied Artificial Intelligence

  • a. WE design, develop, & implement Critical systems(satellite,Aeroplane, Space shuttle) blueprints, for functional and cross systems integration , for land to air airworthiness, for Federally regulated, compliant systems , in EU, North America , Asia or Middle East.
  • b. Our engineers are well seasoned, dedicated and highly sophisticated contributors to satisfy investors and Partners’ expectations using our cross industry verticals’ experience.
  • c. Our R&D Team consults in designing and developing Intelligent, Next Generation Land to Space -Air systems (7th Mode of Transport©), that is well proven & applicable to develop cross Business and Engineering Domain’s products, for Space Travel, Guidance systems, and graph based guidance path satellite guided , inter-intra solar system’s transport able manned or unmanned systems , for inter-intra galactic research , for the next generation.
  • d. WE provide consultation for system of systems integration, & management, for underwater transport, for land to water discovery and scientific research.

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    Application of SVM to Integrate & Automate : Vehicle Socialization , Adaptability, Guidance Systems, Autonomous Systems

    Systems Integration, Systems Of Systems
    Automomous Vehicle Systems
    Guidance Systems
    Vehicle Socilization
    Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning




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