Research Institute For Carcinogenic, Infectious, Nephrological & Neural Diseases

GPCR, Qunatum & Internal Medicine Lab | WHO & COVID-19 Today | COVID-19 & Cancer, CKD, Disease | Diagnotic Services | UV Radiance Covid-19

Nuclear Medicine: GPCR, Quantum, Mathematical & Reverse Quantum BioPhysics Lab

The purpsoe of This Project Is To Implement Research For Advancement Of Medicine And To Work With Government and Non Government Industries & Major Research Institutes World Wide

Protein Based Experimental Medicine For Cure, Using Signal Transduction Technologies, With GPCR:

Kidney Cancer
Brain and Neural Disease
Cardiovescular Disease
Blood Analysis:Blood Borne Disease
Blood Trasnfusion analysis in Organ Transplantion
Drug Delivery Systems Effectiveness with Ai
Viral And Carcinogenic Pathways Determination for Effectiveness of Internal Medicine,Prevention/Cure
Internal Organ Transplantations,

Application of
Qauntum Biophysics
Nuclear Medicine
Experimental and Labratory Medicine
Asssited Ai Machines,In The Above Internal Medicine R&D For Diagnositics & Global Heathcare

Center For Preventative Medicine & Conrol

Project-CV, Ai For CoronaVirus Experimental Research

Aerovition Starts its endeavoir With Ai Application For Viral Pathway Analysis under Project-CV

Structural Modeling Of Biophysical Organism To Deter contagious & Infectious Diseesase.

Project BlasterCV©
Our Research intends to Faciilitate CornaVirus Effects , preventative care and Internal Medicine, with Diagnostics aide, to engineer novel Treatment and Co-facilitate Patients enforced with Ai and ML
in any feasible and all possible ways to move life towards Restorative Way and Rehabilitate to Normalcy, to Recovery For Global Citizens

COVID-19, COVID-20 Product Civil Security and Health Safety. - As Responder to Government & Administration Need Re-Application Of Our Innovation

  • Applied Artificial Intelligence for Integrated Compliance Management Systems, ITAR, SOX, ICA, HIPPA, COVID-19 Bylaws
    Description: An intelligent Digital Recommendation System Used As DAAS For Product Renditioning.SmartiDataWarehouse©
    Integrateable With Image collector device sent digital or .pdf or .image data integration

  • Forensic Medicine: Advanced Security - Body Parts Fingerprints, Face Recognition & Identity Management Systems,
    Product Business Name:eye(i)Finder©, iFinder© (AKA)
    Description:Secure & Confidential rule organ matching , COVID-19 Crime preventaiton &security , Financial and Banking data security.

  • Bio Medical Scanning:MRI ,CAD, Physiological Organ Design,
    AiXB10©, Name:Coabiliti© Product Business Name:Coabiliti© (i for Ai, for Coability© AKA Coabiliti)
    Description:Turning pixels Into Imaging for Accessibility

  • Expert Solution For Integrated Healthcare, Pharmaceutical Industry, Insurance Company, Billing Systems, DigiHealth
    Description:Common & Alternate Format For Business Technology Integration

    QuickBlasterCV©: An Aternative Solution Investiagtion To Culture Sample Experiments, Using RT-PCR Research project, For Preventative and Internal Medicine

    This research Is Targeted to Find alternative Testing Options within economic reach. - A multidisciplinary Engineering efforts drivnen by Ai
    to develope target product Immunegen-C19©, Immunegen-C20© Alternateive Solution orprocess.

    Corona Virus- Research at Cambridge

    Application Of A3i.Net Applied Hybrid-DNN (HDNN©)in Disease Prevention

    Corona Virus, CV-19 & CV-20 Research In Ai

    Aerovition Digital Releases Diagnostic System Definition & Architecture For Pathogen Detection to Augment Internal Medicine

    Product Design For Pathogen Protection & Research

  • PathScanAi©
  • AlertCV-i©
  • CV-Detector©
  • CTCureAi©
  • PathMRI©

    Infectious Disease | Updates News

    Kidney Disease Treatment

    Cancer and CKD Prevention, Product Line

  • CKDSurvive© (CKDSurvive-i)
  • CKDProtector-i©

    Contuning Research Novel Labratory Medicine & Trials

  • Transcription, mRNA synthesis To augment Novel Cure & Prevetnaion.




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