Integratied Telecommunicaiton Provisioning & BillPay Systems For Global Access,Via Quantum (Photon IP) Network Systems

Quantum Telekommunikation und Fernreisen, KiKotha© ,

Satellite Guided Quantum Tele- Communication For Every One In The Future

Center For, Quantum Telekommunikation und Fernreisen (Quantum Tele Comminication & Tele-Travel)
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A Graph Based Approach For Next Generation Quantum PhotonIP Network System Design And Definition Absorbing Present Internet Click here For Published.pdf Version HLD, LLD, Engineering Design & Specifications

12:33AM;National CIPO Transaction No. 63213459_607480473_6699348 International Patent App. Click Here

Streaming, Quantum Telekommunikation und Fernreisen Thru Media Devices For

and Deep Space communication.

Research Field:Complexity Analysis In Quantum Processing

Quantum Processing, Processing At The Speed Of Photon Quanta, (Light)

  • GPU Processing Platform For A3iNet Hybrid Real Time Intelligent , Deep Learning Network Systems , For Next Generation Quantum InternetX, Quantum Tele Communicaiton System
  • Performance Bench Mark & Optimization For Deep Learning System Augmentation.Stage(s): In Co relation To VerctorMachine:Applied Research.

  • Non Prejudicial Disclosure (Intellectual property)

    Disclosed , Intellectual properly (propooal )to W3c.Org Submitted Date: Wed, 29 Jul 2015 Field Of Study: Ph D Proposal, (Disclosure) At Univresity of Cambridge Ai-NFC SELF POWERED DEVICES INTEGRATION- BIOMEDICAL OR NON BIOMEDICAL

    (a)A common Interface (specification,method & properties), using NFC “Capable” , Motion enabling assisted Ai devices or for implanted devices(various Bio Medical nature) , to transmit digital data to automate navigation (or Mobility) for essential or life sustaining activity , via a Browser based mechanism in a Control systems, [requiring minimal motions/efforts] , to interact with day to day essential tasks: interacting with Payment Systems, Healthcare / Medicare, Assiting Agencies, Transportation or Social communicatoin or Financial domains (interacting with , these domains’ already existing standard protocols) , for centralized control(device to device included).[Natural Language processing & NFC]

    (b) Voice activated control systems interfaces, as sets of instructions to “receive” or ”send” NFC transmitted data from NFC capable products and utilize the ”common interface”(ref. in (a) , above specification's proposal ) to interact with numerous business domains. [Natural Language processing NLP & NFC]

    Non Prejudicial Disclosure (Intellectual property)

    Disclosure Submitted to w3c.

    On July 28, 2017 at 3:32 AM Shaw Rahman wrote:,,,,

    Functional and Technical Proposal -Product Line Initiation.

    (i) To utilize existing GPS interface in mobile wrist watches, (In Android or other non- IOS platforms, in exclusion of IOS , Apple Inc.’s
    platform), to initiate telephone calls , for bi-directional tele-communication conversation, without an auxiliary need or dependency of
    mobile phones/devices, using blue-tooth , or wireless interface (wifi,NFC medium) and Voice XML interface, for voice data interchange using a browser application.

    (ii)To use location services to identify where the calls (in above (i) ) is being initiated from, to track via existing caller
    identification(subscriber) interface [to provision navigation in wrist like devices without auxiliary devices.

    Quantum Tele-Communication, Deep Space Communication

    Research Publicaition Date: Feb 16, 2019

    Quantum Tele-Communication Protocol Engineering:

    Quantum Communication Protocol Specification, DataGram Transmission Across Quantum Network, Quantum Network Topology , Deep Space Communication, Quantification & Quantum Network Health Analysis applying Ai &ML , in Multi Dimensional And Multi-Layered Deep Learning Hybrid Neural Network Systems.(R&D, Aerovition Digital Inc.)

    System Design & Management, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, MIT Affiliate



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