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Goal Mission & Efforts: ProgramIDX: Infant Death, Postnatal

Immediately after child birth , there trends to be a high risk of child deaths, still remaining widespread and is a frequent occurrence in developing and under developed countries , specifically are dominant facts, in the low income families or remote villager in those countries, who don’t have the first hand knowledge of child care or care for new mother, or have means to afford or have knowledge to use as medicine, to protect their loved ones, And still give up, as facts of unfortunate fate, coming from above. We empower to create a sustainable shield in their own native language, against that coercive force of misfortune.

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Medical nature) , to transmit digital data to automate navigation (or Mobility) for essential or life sustaining activity , via a Browser based
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Healthcare / Medicare, Assiting Agencies, Transportation or Social communicatoin or Financial domains (interacting with , these domains’ already
existing standard protocols) , for centralized control(device to device included).[Natural Language processing & NFC]
(b) Voice activated control systems interfaces, as sets of instructions to “receive” or ”send” NFC transmitted data from NFC capable products and utilize
the ”common interface”(ref. in (a) , above specification's proposal ) to interact with numerous business domains. [Natural Language processing NLP & NFC]