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Presently in A few of the product development we are in review of With Govt Proposals and Foreign University collaboration.

Phase I
Our commercialization strategy is composed of two steps in a hybrid paradigm of our own Commercialization Composite Model (CCM ®):


Step 1 – when the solution proves to be one that meets the technological robustness to meet an expanded consumer or
subscriber base to manage the load in the optimal end to end systems’ lines of business from origination to aftermarket, or
when it is a stable one and meets voices of the customer to resist a churn effect and expand as a growing sustainable systems.

for the above purposes in a view to reach, assess internal systems capability to attract a sales value in architecture and integration mechanism with application of innovative technologies,

: We adopt a hybrid model along with Industry research marketing model in our strategy layout in paradigm implementation, and socialization.


To meet each 4 phases of our Hybrid Dynamic Commercialization (HDCM) & marketing model to fulfill elements of marketing model: so far we have,

Completed - Phase One: Idea Generation

Completed - Phase Two: Screening

Completed - Phase Three: Concept Development

Completing at TRL level 6 - Phase Four: Product Development

Completed - strategy Phase Five: Commercialization and Rollout

Phase II

We had Favorable results in the development stage to precede large-scale production and commercialization. Our business launches its promotion campaign for the 8 new products. The market research completed conducting during the conception stage influences the timing and location of the product launch.

1) Business potential and finding it

For our innovation to be turned into business, it must obviously be related to customers' needs – we adhere to the concept to move to marketing and commercialization .we offer the best for customer decision towards advancement and need. We value the the key to seeing the right opportunities can be found in monitoring and analyzing the market, basic research , VOC and customer behavior.

2) Getting the value chain involved

Our development project, it is important to hear different opinions. The different opinions and skills can best be assembled when the whole value chain is involved in the project. In our Technology project, the network we include are the participation of e.g. applied research, technology developers, experts on the raw material chain, customers, investors, suppliers, start-up companies, and end users.- The Value chain we adopt are methodological

Phase III

3) Clear roles and responsibilities

All R&D work, have clear roles and responsibilities , it is the key to our successful cooperation; working together, trust and open sharing of information between the partners are our culture. We believe Trust cannot be created if there is competition between the parties within a research consortium.

Pre-agreed amongst us, in R&D projects, the distribution of work, costs and intellectual property rights, in particular, are a must taken-task into consideration.

4) Risk management

as we are developing new technologies, moving from a laboratory-scale innovation to the full-scale plant, we adhere to diminishing many uncertainties. We adopt POC, managing these risks is facilitated by pilot tests at a sufficiently large scale before full-scale implementation.

Public funding plays an important role for our new technology projects. Investment subsidies are used more effectively to support the first commercial-scale implementation to validate new emerging and breakthrough technologies at industrial scale. Our innovation are viable at its core – for a large markets.

5) Commercialization

1-4 plays above our key commercialization strategy. In practice,– the timing and the market situation are right. Our teams and divisions work together in seamless cooperation between sales, marketing, production, procurement and finance.

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Innovation Thru Research©

Aerovition Digital Inc. is an advisory consulting corporation which holds its Managed services and Specialized Ai and machine learning services, that focuses in specific, Large Scale System of systems’ Research, development and management of business programs with Government and non-government organizations.

Our focus is to apply and innovate state of the art patentable technologies to augment our clients by materializing their business goals across global theatres.

Our patented and patentable technologies interface all governing business domains, to centralized operations for control and technology security, that project visions, to move forwards with and sustain in the coming future for adaption and ease; socialization and mobility.
Managed and autonomous manufacturing, vehicle and aerial transportation systems development, supply chain distribution, optimization and processing for green energy utilization, water district development, enhanced digital and quantum telecommunication systems integration and transformation to, streaming and digital media for advertising and business news , access and manipulation, smart intelligence implementation and design, improved healthcare for disease-prevention and immune system analytics for drug delivery system development & prevention enhancing applied technologies by implementation Ai and ML(Hybrid-Deep learning or Digital to quantum transformation) thru innovation and vision for shared and common good in education and betterment, to make un-trodden-ed path livable and amplifiable. We innovate thru research.

Thus our services will enhance all 16 sectors of a comprehensive project, as it foresees to bring a change in life and living for citizens of the world, to work, educate, socialize, envision together in livable common peace and goodwill. We are an advisory service to apply proven engineering, management and financial knowledge to manage business via executive consultation practices collaboration with Executive VP, CIO, CFO, CEOs , and conduct research & development for product development and service provisioning with veteran industry leaders to move forwards, from stagnant bottleneck to drive with enthusiasm and sprit of accomplishment for relief from drudgery, and integrated industrial development and large scale project/program of Systems management to a destined goal.

Company Overview From Canadian Government :

Initially founded (by Technology Industry Veterans, University of Cambridge Entrepreneur, experienced alumnis and) Ph.D. graduate(s), Aerovition Digital Inc, An Aerovition Corp. (“ADIAAC”) specializes in providing artificial intelligence based solutions for large scale data integration from numerous vendors' products across all lines of businesses.
ADIAAC was incorporated in June 2016.

ADIAAC is a holding company that has general partnerships with other business entities listed in the original SR&ED claims. Each business entity is responsible for different business functions within ADIAAC. For example, A3IC.ORG is the research body of ADIAAC.

Government Of Canada Review Report - On Aerovition Digital Inc. SRE&D , Dec 26, 2019
Review observations, determinations, conclusions, and other decisions

Whether work meets the definition of SR&ED is determined using the methodology described in the Eligibility of Work for SR&ED Policy.

This methodology involves two steps. First, determining if there is SR&ED by answering the following five questions:

Q1: Was there a scientific or a technological uncertainty?
Q2: Did the effort involve formulating hypotheses specifically aimed at reducing or eliminating that uncertainty?
Q3: Was the overall approach undertaken adopted consistent with a systematic investigation or search, including formulating and testing the hypotheses by means of experiment or analysis?
Q4: Was the overall approach for the purpose of achieving a scientific or a technological advancement?
Q5: Was a record of the hypotheses tested and the results kept as the work progressed?

There is SR&ED if the answer to each of the five questions is “yes”.

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