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Our Diversified ML,Ai in Multi-Verticles and Advisory R&D Span:

Remote Work Opportunity

CTO, Ph D in Ai, ML or Equivalent Applied Experience, with Patetns, FILLED
Sr Engineer, Architect, MSc in EE, EEE, Computational Science, FILLED
CFO, MBA, MComm, MA, CMA, 20+ Minimum Year's Financial Industry Experience.
Medicine Advisor, MBBS, MD, FRCS, FCPS , FILLED
Director, Service & support, FILLED
Director, Human Resources, FILLED
Director, Sales & Product Purchasing, FILLED
Director, Public Relations & Media, FILLED
Director, Machine learning, Ai, Qunatum & NLP Provisioning FILLED
Director, Global Business Development & Vendor Contract Maangement FILLED
Director, System Of Systems, Business Line - Integration FILLED
Director, BigData, Data Science , Business Line - Integration FILLED
Director, Digital & Multi Channel Communication Platform, Business Line - Integration FILLED
Director, Quantum Telecommunicaiton, Tele-travel & InternetX FILLED
Director, Deep Learning FILLED
Director, Autonomous Vehicle & Guidance Systems FILLED
Director, Quantum Biology & Agri Engineering,20 yrs Ph d Research - Visiting Researcher MSc, Ph D , S. Korea , Plant /Agri-Genetic Engineering FILLED
Director, Quantum Bio Physics & Medicine, 20 yrs Ph d Research TBD
Consultant, Advisory, Post Doc Researcher & Educator with 20+ yrs experience to Lead Healthcare , Qualification: Ph d or MD-Ph D in immunology from EU countires Such as Germany , US Universities FILLED
General Counsel - International Law and European Law Ph D, in Law, JD -Contract FILLED

Association & Legal Research, Collboration: The Firm , Yale

General Counsel - International Patent Law Ph D, in Law, JD - Contract < FILLED
General Counsel - International Employment & Labor Law Ph D, in Law, JD - Contract FILLED
General Counsel - International Commercial & Business Law Ph D, in Law, JD - Contract < FILLED

Association & Business Collboration: Swedeish World Wide

Execitive Director - International Relations, R&D, Business Comminication, Ph D, in Law, JD - Contract < FILLED
Atmospheric Research Scientist, Ph D Required. OPEN
Sr. Heathcare Manager, Heathcare System Technology (HIPPA, INFOWAY, FDA), Ph D in either Biology, Medicine (MD, FRCP, FRCS, FCPS), Virology, Immunology, Required, FILLED

Certified Chartered Accountant - CPA, Canada, EU, UK, Australian lisence
Sr Accountant - Chartered Accountant, MA, MComm,, CGA, CMA Contract, FILLED
HR Director. Payroll, Recruitment, General Managment. FILLED
Senior Analyst / Junior Associate, Financial Institutions Capital Structuring & Advisory
Financial Anlayst, MBA -To Join Banking, Finacial Industry Ai Predictive Modeling Team
Account Executive, MBA FILLED
Animation Designer 5- 8 yrs Expert, Visual Computing & Motion Object Visualization Team.
Buisness Developer, Sale And Distribution, MBA
Buyer- Strong TEam Development, MBA, FILLED
Associate Marketing Program Manager, MBA

Association & Technology &Engineering Collboration: Swedeish World Wide

Design Engineer Specialist, Aerospace, Electro Mechanical Desgin
Computational Biologist, Ph D
CATIA SME, 8-10+ yrs industry experience, - Advanced Ai, Vehicle Systems Design Team
DELMIA Manufacturing SME, 8-10+ yrs industry experience, - Advanced Ai, Vehicle & Aerospace Systems Design Team
SIMULIA SME, 5-8+ yrs industry experience, - Advanced Ai, Composite Object(System Biology, Computational Biology)Systems Design Team
Architecture SkyScraper Systems SME, 5-8+ yrs industry experience, - Advanced Architectural (VectorSpace) Systems Design Team

Particle Physicist Ph D, Post Doc. ,Quantum Computation

Association & Administrative Collboration

Facility Manager FILLED

Association & Financial Collboration: Chartered Financials

Lead Business Systems Analyst -Contract, FILLED
Business Planner
Enterprise Architect & Simulation Program Manager FILLED
Solution Architect - Aerospace: Mission Critical Communication . FILLED
Administrative Assistant, Development Studies. FILLED

Internship. - Web Development & Software Engineering.- Advertising & Marketing Technology R&D.

VectorSpace, Associate - Architect - BS in Architecture Engineering FILLED, EU & CA
VectorSpace, Associate - Desginer / Media and Advertisement - BS in Architecture / Graphic Design

Futurize2200: Producer, Actor,Editor, Scriptwriter FILLED, EU,CA

WebDaktarClinic - Telemedicine:

Registered / Nurse - Filled.


Agri-Engineering Sales / Marketing Manager FILLED
Agri-Engineering Employee (9) FILLED
Real Estate/Property Manager FILLED
Marketing /co - ordinatory FILLED
Trade Management:Importer / Exporter / C&F Agent FILLED
Retail : Accountant FILLED

International / Online Trade Manager FILLED

Swiss Medicine & Pharmaceuticals - Centre For Carcinogenic, Contagious & infectious Disease

Scientist / Researcher - Field Research and Sample / Data Collection (Pathology Informatics,), FILLED - Assignment Developing (3rd) World: Bacterial Meningitis / TB .

Researcher - Patient Identification and Diagnosis- Pathology, FILLED - Assignment Developing (3rd) World: Paediatric Pathology - Non- Clinical / Clinical Trials

Researcher - Diagnosis- Pathology, Pathology Informatics,FILLED - Assignment Developing (3rd) World: Diabetes Type 2, End State - Non- Clinical / Clinical Trials

Scientist/ Researcher - Predictive System Developemnt Using Ai System Of Systems, For Covid 19 Diagnostics, Healthcare, Epidemiology, Clinical and Labratory Application provisioning: TeleMedicine

HPV infectious strains diagnostics, causes of HPV spread - pandemic pathogen & prevention, water borne disease Analysis thru expert Ai Applications and System Modeling techniques- - Assignment Developing (3rd) World:

Real Estate Development Site Engineer / Manager FILLED


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