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September 15, 2019 | Patents, IP | See Press & Media Relations

Corporation Status: Aerovition Digital Inc.

Active, Privately Held

Market Capital : Disclosed at Investor & Annual Financial Conference Meeting
Anticipated Market Projection, Capital: Disclosed at Investor & Annual Financial Conference Meeting

Head Quarters: The Hague, European Union, Vancouver BC, NA
Opearated From 3000 locations, 25 countries in EU and EFTA Combined Virtually Present in 180 Countries Around The Globe.

Global Consulting Division: Swedish World Wide

Consulting Business Relationship: Over 5000 Employers World Wide

Mobility offices:

Paris, France; Geneve, Zurich, Switzerland; Munich Germany; London UK; Dubai, UAE; Santa Clara, Silicon Valley, US; Malmo Sweden; Tokyo Japan; Shanghai, China; Singapore City, Singapore, Toronto, ON

Management : Board Of Governance

Funding: Privately Held Board, Govt. Assisted R&D, Experimental Research and Scientific Development, Engineering, SRE&D, Multi-national Corproate Clients

Intellectual Property, Patent: International Patent Applications : 5 Pending, 30+ Embodiments

Global Service Area:
Competitive Market industy


Innovation & Advance Technology Application : Aerospace, Space, Trasportation - Avation,
Auto, Manned, Unmanned,Fastpaced Autonomous vehicles
Applied Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning -Government and Private Sectors
Technology Integration & c- Executive Level Consultation
Management Consulting
Corporate Accounting and Finance, IFRS, Startup Consultation,
Pathology, Patient HealthCare & Medical Informatic(HIPPA,INFOWAY)
BioMedical And Medical
Alternative Energy
Financial,Banking & Billing systems(PCI/NFC)
Computation and Neuro computational Medicine
Enterprise Integration
Quantum and Digital Tele-communication and Provisioning
Research and Education
Global Economic Advancement
Medical and Public Communication, Administration
Private Investment,Banking
Media and Entertainment
Food and Relish
Asset / Wealth Management
International / Trade and Commerce
Investment Management
Non Profit NGO
Legal : WIPO Act, Patent Protection

Employee, HR Relations

Employment : Total Employment Relationship : 500+
External Corporate Patterning Firms EU , North America : 14
Internal General Partneship Companies & Affiliate Companies : 30
Financail Partnering CPA Accounting Firms : 10
Business Consulting Employer Relationship : 5000+
Employee/ Staff/ Consultants / Contractor Employee :305+

Board Of Governamnce of 4 Branches:

Advisory Board: Over 20-40+ Years Multi Verticle-Proven Track Records and Visionary Experts From EU, US, Canada, Far East /JP/Singapore/China
Execuitve Board: Executives, EVP,VP and Lead Managers
Technology and R&D Board: Composed Of Ph. D and Post Doctoral, Industry Resaerchers
External Relations Board: IPO interfacing and Financial Firms' Consutants

Chief Operations Officer , Director: Mrs. A Kamal MA, M Ed.Toronto, Canada.


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We believe we will add to a core competency, businesses value and mission, laid out to serve and our clients & stakeholder expectations internally and externally, and towards their objective for the business for sustainability and progressiveness. We, based on our market research, determine the companys' diversified engagements in many verticals , partners and subsidiaries which are involved in multi variant industry directiveness. Based on the present direction and future goal , we are confident that our industry experience and professionalism are aligned with the business justification for their internal organizations and external interfaces to a broader clients and stakeholder base. Our clients' highest level of standards in business and our professional goals are aligned, which interested us to pursue a practice in this vertical.

Innovation Canada Ai 2021, Covid -19 Technology Readinless Review Level , Reports:


Strategy, Updates In Europe: Business Transformation Timelines - Milestones in EU, UK-EU Merger -Loose Coupling
Our Close Observance on Brit Exit : UK , EU Future World Economics, International Trade, Business: Public-Private Management

Comparative & Quantative Brit Exit Strategy (U of Cambridge) Analysis and Prediction For Fortune Companies in UK, - Economic Research v. Comparative Advantage In Trade, Between UK-EU :

Quantitative Anlysis -
Experimental Research In Inter-European Trade & Commerce.

We view & value our opionion, of Economic and Trade Research Alliance, With EU Countries, Educational & Industrial Institutions, For Prediction Analysis, based on Real-time data, Actual Strategy and Directional changes, that involves quantitative populous thoughts.

  • Fortune 10, , 100, 500 companies -Technology and Resource Investment.
  • Private Investors - Preferred Private Investors , Asia, European Union Middle East & North America.
  • Research Institutes - Technology & Labratory Provisioning.
  • Technology implementation resource suppliers are globally located.

    ** Aerovition Digital Inc. takes cyber protection precautions to protect integrity of its cyber-resources from manipulaiton, at cyber-space, denial of services for end to end provisioning and compliance, to prevent intruders from cloud resource intrusions and interference in our virtual infrastructure. Aerovition Digital Inc. Doesnot and Cannot use 3rd party opinion unsupported or un-quantiative views, We value your feedback.


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