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Quantum Telekommunikation und Fernreisen,

Satellite Guided Quantum Tele- Communication For Every One In The Future

Our SmaterHut© Program looks forward to provision Greener environment in Every Remote hut with Cheap Next Generation Internet and Quantum InterNetX.
Our Goal is to enable every hut across Europe, Asia Globally to manage Internet and internet controlled instrument(devices) and InternetX from their own palmtop.

Make Satellite communication more advanced from hand held devices via utilization of internet X and Quantum internet, using existing End user infrastructure ,co existing with gradual decomposing management strategy.

Research Field:Complexity Analysis In Quantum Processing

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Present Research: Jun 2017 - Nov, 2022

Determination of Quantum Pathway, for internet X, in curved space-time, using Einstein’s Field Equation for interplanetary / tele-communication.


A Graph Based Approach For Next Generation Quantum PhotonIP Network System Design And Definition Absorbing Present Internet Click here For Published.pdf Version HLD, LLD, Engineering Design & Specifications

12:33AM;National CIPO Transaction No. 63213459_607480473_6699348 International Patent App. Click Here

Quantum Telekommunikation und Fernreisen Thru Media Devices For

and Deep Space communication.

Research In Quantum Processing, Processing @ The Speed Of Photon / Quanta

  • GPU Processing Platform For A3iNet Hybrid Real Time Intelligent , Deep Learning Network Systems , For Next Generation Quantum InternetX, Quantum Tele Communicaiton System
  • Performance Bench Mark & Optimization For Deep Learning System Augmentation.Stage(s): In Co relation To VerctorMachine: in Applied Research.

    Non Prejudicial Disclosure (Intellectual property)

    Disclosed , Intellectual properly (propooal )to W3c.Org Submitted Date: Wed, 29 Jul 2015 Field Of Study: Ph D Proposal, (Disclosure) At Univresity of Cambridge Ai-NFC SELF POWERED DEVICES INTEGRATION- BIOMEDICAL OR NON BIOMEDICAL

    (a)A common Interface (specification,method & properties), using NFC “Capable” , Motion enabling assisted Ai devices or for implanted devices(various Bio Medical nature) , to transmit digital data to automate navigation (or Mobility) for essential or life sustaining activity , via a Browser based mechanism in a Control systems, [requiring minimal motions/efforts] , to interact with day to day essential tasks: interacting with Payment Systems, Healthcare / Medicare, Assiting Agencies, Transportation or Social communicatoin or Financial domains (interacting with , these domains’ already existing standard protocols) , for centralized control(device to device included).[Natural Language processing & NFC]

    (b) Voice activated control systems interfaces, as sets of instructions to “receive” or ”send” NFC transmitted data from NFC capable products and utilize the ”common interface”(ref. in (a) , above specification's proposal ) to interact with numerous business domains. [Natural Language processing NLP & NFC]

    Non Prejudicial Disclosure (Intellectual property)

    Disclosure Submitted to w3c.

    On July 28, 2017 at 3:32 AM Shaw Rahman wrote:,,,,

    Functional and Technical Proposal -Product Line Initiation.

    (i) To utilize existing GPS interface in mobile wrist watches, (In Android or other non- IOS platforms, in exclusion of IOS , Apple Inc.’s
    platform), to initiate telephone calls , for bi-directional tele-communication conversation, without an auxiliary need or dependency of
    mobile phones/devices, using blue-tooth , or wireless interface (wifi,NFC medium) and Voice XML interface, for voice data interchange using a browser application.

    (ii)To use location services to identify where the calls (in above (i) ) is being initiated from, to track via existing caller
    identification(subscriber) interface [to provision navigation in wrist like devices without auxiliary devices.

    Quantum Tele-Communication, Deep Space Communication: GEO Spatial Technology & Communication

    Research Publicaition Date: Feb 16, 2019

    Quantum Tele-Communication Protocol Engineering:

    Quantum Communication Protocol Specification, DataGram Transmission Across Quantum Network, Quantum Network Topology , Deep Space Communication, Quantification & Quantum Network Health Analysis applying Ai &ML , in Multi Dimensional And Multi-Layered Deep Learning Hybrid Neural Network Systems.(R&D, Aerovition Digital Inc.)

    Impact: Broadband, Fiber Optics Wide Area Network, DOCSIS, SONET, XGS-PON, XG-PON, CWDM, SCPS-TP, STP, V2V, V2I, LEO, ISL, HAP, DTN,(Disruption Tolerance Network) , BH, Low-Earth Orbit, GEO stationary Satellite Platform, HTS, High Thoroughput Satellite System,, Remote Satellite Transmission, Transceiver - Communications via TR-069 Protocol, HFC, IOT- CPE, CDMA, 4G, 5G, MUX-DMUX Wifi Signal Processing Channels, SCPS (Space communication protocol), Low Earth Orbit Satellite IP Communication.
    Center For, Quantum Telekommunikation und Fernreisen (Quantum Tele Comminication & Tele-Travel), Swedish World Wide


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