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Governing Business, The Risk Free-Way: It's Part of Who We Are, Media & Public Relations ,

Dr. S Choi, Ph D
Vice President,
Bank Of America home loans And Mortgage, Merill Lynch;
Los Angeles, CA

M, David S. , IBM Advisory Technology Architect,
RFID & Wireless,
Sr Program Manager IBM, RTP, NC
Earnest & Young
Rene Grouley
Director, Wunderman Thompson Advertising
(subsidiary) Wunderman Advertising
Vancouver, BC
John Krack, MS,
US Patentee, Lead Architect, Research & Development,
Unisys Central Development Lab,
Roseville, MN
Carnegie Mellon , Case Western Reserve,
John Gruender , Manager, ,
4G Clearwire wireless ebusiness, Billing And Provisioning
Sprint Telecommunication, Bellevue, WA
Terrence Regan | Global Account Director | Business Solutions Group
BT Global Services
University of Oxford , Alumni
Dr. L Wang, Ph D
MAYO Foundation
Laboratory Pathology Extra Mural Divison
Rochester, MN
G Scallon , MSc , MIT, NASA
Associate Technical Fellow, Boeing Aerospace
Colleague, Systems Architecture 787 Dream Liner Program
Manned Apollo Moon Mission, DoD | Weapon Systems | Star Wars Experiments
N Haprper
Sr Program Manager
Commercial Aviation, Boeing Aerospace
Systems Architecture 787 Dream Liner Program
Dr. W Gilbert, Ph D
Noble Laurate,
Human Genome Project,
University Of Cambridge, UK
HARVARD University, FAS
Royal Swedish Academy Of Science
Dr. Geroge Church, Ph D
Lipper Center For Computational Genomics
Initiator Human Genome Project
G Becker, Chair, Division Head,
Research & Education,
Mayo Foundation,
Clinical Applications(Ca), MMC;Mayo Foundation & Clinic,
Rochester, Mn 55902;
Dr. Linda L , Ph D VLSI,
Sr. Consultant , Teradata Inc.

Dr. B Quickstad Ph D
Yale University Law School
President The Futurist, NY
Former President NY Chapters, Visitig Lecturer, Columbia Law
Former White House Counsel
Advisor To Former US President
Dr. Sabastina S, Ph D
MIT, Princeteon University, NJ, USA
Human Connectom Project
Neuro-computational Medicine

Former Executive Secretary ,
South Asian Federaltion of Accountants
CIMA, London School Of Economics,ICMA, MBA, MComm, FCMA, CMA, United Kingdom
Presidential Appointee
Advisory Controller,Audit, Federal & International Compliance

Patrick R
Chief Process Architect
Phamthom Works, Boeing Research & Development, R&D
Advanced Product Definition Technology
Boeing Aerospace
Boeing 787 DreamLiner Program, Seattle, WA,USA


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