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Our Ai. ML Research Approach & Solution With Case Study

Our specific interest is in Application of Ai and ML approaches in public health and primary care sectors because it brings in a methodological solution with scientific approaches to provide a way one step ahead to solve greater need in this sector. With application of Ai and ML from historical and clinical trails data, test cases and their medical methodological cure for each disease, a faster prediction and their recovery timeframe can be attained and rendered to patients. This will enhance the heath care systems overall for governments for both advanced and developing world.

This includes in specific public healthcare’s Patient healthcare informatics’ improvement thru use of clinical trails data and test cases for various blood borne virus , bacterial strains, cancerous infection, and nephrological data analyzed from end state diabetes patients after blood transfusion and before to analyze kidney heath and functionality prediction, before and after diabetes Type 1 and Type2 diagnosis in CKD, for patterns determination and towards recovery to estimate prediction or life expectancy, in preventative medicine.

The enhancement of healthcare and primary medicine can be further advanced to mobilize primary care physicians to assist even remotely, to remote distances to these patients and their hopeless families with the advancement of Ai assisted Tele medicine and Diagnostics to reach every corner of under development and developing frontier with new online recuperation techniques relayed instantly, followed up frequently, and with interactive physicians, pharmacy, blood services and organ banks, integrated delivery systems within expedited hours to remote distances.

Case Study and Applied Research:

Case Study 1:

Jan 21, 2021

In specific our case study includes a diabetes type 2 end state patient with 15% kidney function remaining after 4 times blood transfusion who has been in care after both viral and bacterial infection that damaged him after a heart bypass surgery prescribed mouth intake medication’s chemical compound / ingredient, that caused stomach ulcer that our research found, While in state of such, patient fractured his leg’s upper joint bone which paved away for virus and bacteria to enter body. So the multiplexity and concurrency of many diseases occurring at the same time in patients who are elderly with debilitating immune systems can be made more robust by Ai and ML application from nephrological and pathological test cases’ data. The blood sugar samples can be used to determine presence of indigents/chemicals, body chemical or biochemical compounds to amplify with PCR using transmission electron microscopy, to obtain information to advance diabetics treatment in nuclear /quantum medicine which will ultimately advance primary care and clinical medicine.

Case Study 2:

Feb 1, 2021

Similar approach can be used to apply in determination of recovery or life span determination in Pediatric Meningitis to assist children and their premature death in developing world. In our sole effort we have travelled in the streets of third world countries to find children with Pediatric Meningitis to rehabilitate to a TB hospital and provide rehabilitation for the recovery time with financial assistance thru my personal NGO, Sustainable NGO international targeted to augment government’s public healthcare in these particular areas which falls yet shorter in reaching all where Ai and ML can contribute to and yet not present. This is not any different issue in any of the underdeveloped world, the same faces surface. Our Ai and ML approach in these two areas will usher hope in sobbing parents and exhausted children with heads swollen by plasma secretion from brain cells, affected by brain cell eating bacterial Meningitis(Tuberculous meningitis), by the street sides and neglected by the mass.

Case Study 3: Our Solution:

Mar 11 - Apr 24, 2021

The post natal and prenatal child death in rural and developing countries can be advanced using telemedicine assisted with Ai and ML technologies for Public Health and Primary Care in this manner for those who bear genetically inherited blood disease.

These are the few of the our first hand research on the field, to bring us to realize, how all other such blood and genetically inherited diseases can be prevented or cured and augmented care can be rendered from using big data and data stored at government federal (federated) data, or CDC preventative medicine /care data, co relating either from family genomic data that “human genome project” published or other sources of larger sets of authorized data available to this project from different countries samples or historical data corelating with genomic data, to augment Public Health and Primary Care sector, via application of Ai technologies and ML.

WebDaktar clinic

Similar manner Natural language processor can assist in describing the cure and disease to many while along provide direction to a public healthcare clinic , blood or organ donor facilities, or hospitals for research operations management, voice activated and descriptive in everyone’s own language categorized by the “disease-cure-direction” from integrated federated data.


Research Data Set:

Big data of 2.5 years from type 2 diabetes end state patients with blood transfusion and internal organ bleeding in debilitating immune systems and slow organ failure conditions with swollen legs and eczema increase with blood sugar reading between 8-20. For all glucose reading for determination of CKD and dialysis conditions for our case in Ai experiments.

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