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Governing Business, The Risk Free-Way: It's Part of Who We Are, 管理業務、リスクフリーの方法 ,
A Swedish World Wide Partner.

Location: Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada |
Industry: Information, Technology & Applied Research.,
Current Domain: Integrated Industrial Engineering & Management,
Education: University of Cambridge |
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Collaboration: 5,000+ Corporate Collaboration, 250,000+ Industry Audicence Across US , UK, Canada, EU, Industry Internationally.

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Advisory Management Of Multi National Corporation In Finance And Technology Systems Development R&D, Intellectual Property, Compliance & Audit For Sustainable Revenue Generation,
Return On Investment: 5 Billion USD $ & Above. :

StanfordCafe®, is a Management Consulting Hub composed of the partnering consulting organizations of The Swiss Capital Financials Group. The Management consulting scopes are Aerospace, Telecommunication, Banking and Financial, Pharmaceutics research, Automotive and Flying manned & unmanned vehicles, Underwater, SmarHome Internet Mobilization, HeathCare and Tele-medicine for primary heath care and Diagnostics advancement with state of the art technologies, Civil and Military, Govt and Non Govt Sectors, Education and Research Industry Development Globally, including Developed and Developing countries. The objective is to standout via service and consulting provisioning in advisory roles to overcome obstacles, to attain sustainability mitigating challenges.

Executive Management Consulting Level: CIO, CFO, CEO, Partner, Executive Director, Director, Sr. Manager, Manager of Business Domains. Complete Lines of Business: From Origination to After market.

Specialized Domains: Banking & Financial, Aeropsace, Automotive, Bio Medical and Medical, Healthcare, Primary Care & Public Health, Tele-communication, E business, Education and Research, Government: State, Federal, UN.

It Is Not Just Only The Design, It's Our Optimal Configuration & Business Control, That Stands Out©


    • Analyzes industry best practices in order to recommend improvements to standards, methodologies and processes to promote cost-effective process. • With exceptional interpersonal, written and verbal communication skills, facilitation skills • works effectively at all levels of the organization


    • The firm staffs possesses Over 20 years’ experience in the successful delivery of large, complex initiatives across the full life cycle, including experience in methodologies, identifying and managing project risks and issues, developing and managing project plans, schedules and budgets and creating project status reports for senior manages

    • Processes Expertise in the SDLC, LEAN,ITIL, and PMI in application of change management principles

    • provides direction via line of sight, and advice on projects successful assurance and methodology to teams throughout its operations.

    • establishes, leads and communicates via methodology to executives, vp, evp , practices and changes (process, business model, data, business systems including financial and standards) • influences members towards achievement of a common goal • manages expectations • proactively identifies issues and risk mitigation strategies • possesses strong analytic, problem-solving and decision-making abilities

    • possesses Over 20 years’ experience in the successful delivery of large, complex initiatives across the full life cycle, including experience in methodologies, identifying and managing project risks and issues, developing and managing project plans, schedules and budgets control, and creating project status reports for senior CIO, • processes expertise in the business management artifacts, SDLC, LEAN, ITIL, AND PMI in application of operational and organization change management principles

    • provides recommendations and guidance to senior management in all aspects of the methodology and theatres, arena and ensures appropriate methodology governance is in place • ensures projects adhere to inter communication with external partners and inner focal to assurance standards and assurance methods in multinational and current practices.

    • leads the development, implementation, and promotion of new business standards & practices, procedures, policies, and standards across all its divisions




Who We are:

We consult,

CIO, CFO's in Strategy Development to determine ROI from each program to measure each Line of Business's and Integrated Domains' combined performance.

We consult Large enterprises, Fortune 50, 100 companies in Global Product Development & Marketing Life Cycle Management
We consult in Global Energy, Utility, Commodity, Trade & Supply Chain Management
We advise in optimal Risk mitigation

Experienced in Managing Department of 200+ Consutants in Each Line of Business

We Engineered To Propose & Proposed Design, For Next Generation Quantum Photon InternetX, For Security , Terrian & Earth-to-Sapce or Deep Space Communication, with Application of Artificial Intelligence, Space or Satellite Guidance Systems.

We specialize in Quantum Optimization Of Applied Ai Services in Multi Verticals and Multi Channel Business Transformation To Advanced Technology Utlitiing Hybrid Leaner Methodologies: Pro-Governance©, Guided Governance©

We work with Governing Bodies To Consult in Private, Public & Government Sectors in Administering Business, For Optimization and Compliance: Research & Consultation For Industrial & Integrated Engineering, In Digital Era Of The Next Generation.

  • We work as a Service Alliance Partner In resolving Complex Problems, with Major Integrated Industrial Engineering Domains and Research Institutes, by Enabling for Sustainable Growth and Leadership. Aerovition Digital Inc. - An Aerovition Company.

  • Provide Solution based on, OnDemand Services & Market Driven Consumer Voice(VOC) for Multi Vertical Enterprise in Recommending Expert, Symbolic Systems for Transaction Management in Lines of Business.Financial Management is Provided thru our partner companies and Chartered Financials.

    Green Energy Developmment & Research for fuel and Energy efficiency in "Accelerator Physics" Technology: We consult in advanced systems of Systems Engineering for Green Movement for energy crisis resolution.

    Compliance with Federal and International Reguation Accross Unions
    ISO Audit
    Llyod Audit
    Revenue Audit
    LEAN Six Sigma
    SEI-CMMI Level 5
    Agile CI




  • THE PLATFORM, We Operate On - Our Standing,

    Where We Are at - Scope

  • Integrated Industrial Engineering Management
  • Research & Business Managemnt
  • Partnership Management
  • International Trade Management

  • Our Contribution
  • Our Goals and Partnership.

  • What We Do:

  • MANAGEMENT CONSULTING @ Swedish World Wide

    The compnay, in following areas, processes excellent skill, artifacts of SDLC (Collaborate with Stakeholders and Teams, artifact such as Relationships and intent of sections, scalability, risk, quality assurance ), leads and , provides PMO management, direct report of 7-25 + project managers, reports to 6-13+ eVP and 10-12+ VPs of various business domains of 120 -200 + members.

    Provides Consultation for Businesses and each Lines of business Product Management Life Cycle Directorship and Delivery in Business Devekopment SDLC

    Collaborates with cross indutry Executive
    It focuses for sustainability via,

    Governing Business The Risk Freeway©.


    Executive Management, Research and Development Management For Improvement & Compliance With Regulatory Government. Affairs

    • Apply & Invest In Our, Consulting , To Re-Invest In Your Business performance,



    • Guided Governmance:

      • CIO technology strategy & methodology development for cyclic pattern & execution to obtain return on investment from highly visible programs or for government's risk mitigation & regulatory compliance in very large financial institutions, for national interest.

      • Applied management & strategy, financial and operational model development for cyclic execution for ROI. For Highly visible roles and projects, the firm possesses excellent managerial quality, and,

      • Establishes, leads and communicates via methodology to Executives, VP,eVP and QA practices and changes (process and standards)

      Mentoring Consulting Services

      Our Mentorship Programs & Corproate Executive Consulting

    • Valuation of Goodwill and shares Valuation of Corporation
    • Holding and Statutory Consolidation, Mergers & Acquisition
    • Revenue Recogniiton and stockholder Equity Determination
    • Super profit vs Capitlization in Stock Determination
    • Business Model development for Partnership, Subsidiaries and Holding Corporations For Tax reporting(IFRS)
    • Hedging Investments in Financial Market.


    • MBA-Financial Accounting For Corporate Control
    • MBA-Cost Accounting For Corporate Opeartions Management
    • MBA-Managerial Accounting
    • MBA-Financial Accounting
    • MBA-Managerial Finance
    • MBA-Financial Management
    • MBA-Principles of Managerial Finance
    • MBA-Principles of Accounting

    Partnering Firms

    Ai & Machine Learning For System Of Systems (LSSI)

  • Aerospace And Aviation, Satellite Communication
  • Automotive and Autonomous Vehicle Systems(Civil)
  • Flying Vehicle and Unmanned Vehicles:Rescue & Defense
  • InterNetX , Quantum Internet
  • Computational Medicine & Stem Cell, Blood Research
  • Ai, ML in Banking and Financial Sectors
  • International Finance, CryptoDigital NextEconomy, Equity-Wealth Management

    International Financce & Banking Systems, MNC Hedging -Ai & ML Transformation

  • Chartered Financials
  • Swiss Capital Finaical Group
  • WebDaktarClinic/Tele-Medicine, Next Generation Healthcare

  • StanfordWay

    We Collaborate With World's Finest Engineers, Researchers, Scientists, Thinkers & Industry Leaders.®, Innovation Thru Research©.,