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Consultation In Applied Research Using Ai & ML @ Institute Of Bio Medical Engineering, Applied Research Using BigData in Public Health

    Non Prejudicial Disclosure, Intellectual Property: Solution Design Using Ai in Bio Medical Engineering,
    Date: Jan 15 , 2021
    Thretre: Development Country Applied Research: Ai in Public Health Care

    Contagious and Infectious Disease
    Laboratory Medical Science & Engineering - Covid -19 Research and Infections,

    Case 7: OmniCorn -Variant COVID-19: SARS-CoV-2; Vaccines; Virology.

    Our patient is a mid aged individual who has received COVID-19 vaccination 1 and 2 with additional booster shots in the US. Individual identified with COVID-19 infection even after the 3 series of antiviral vaccine. We analyze the state of infection in the individual, per infection elapsed days, while in quarantine state.

    We plan to conduct research via serology analysis:

    To further move to conduct analysis, we plan on using Hematology Autoanalyzer (Sysmex XN -2000) and Re-checked Manually. The test results for Hemoglobin , and ESR, and plan to also conduct total blood count for the blood cells and platelets(WBC RBC Platelets ) and to find normal count within ranges for male/female patient.

    Damage Analysis:

    For differential count we plan to find data from the following blood cell count within normal range, For Neutrophil, Lymphocyte, Monocyte, Eosinophil, Basophil

    For absolute Indices we paln to find the followings, within range (a target range): PCV(HCT), MCV, MCH, MCHC, RDW-CV, RDW-SD

  • Vitors 5600/Advia Centaur Xpt/Immulite 2000 XPi/Liaison / Maglumi 2000 Plus Random Access Immunoassay Analyzer,
  • Urised 3 and Labumat Urine Analyzer
  • Atellica Siemens Automated Analyzer

  • Vitros ECI /Advia Centaur XP/Architect I 1000 SR/Liaison Random Access
  • Checked Manually

    Summary: Thru A total immunology report presented via examination, We paln to research and find if the patient is suffering from some degree of liver damage or other organ damage, that may arise from COVID-19 infection or corona virus infection.



    Application of ML, Ai Research Bio Medical Engineering, Case Study Analysis:

    Research & Development - Liver Cancer, TF, Blood Cell count and Activation Status for B , T, NK -Lymphocyte

    FT4 and TSH

    We plan to conduct Casts/LPF investigation for Epithelial Granular, hyaline and Cellular and expect to see results returned Not Found/LPF For chemical examination, we paln to conduct tests on Sp. Gravity, Reaction(PH),Protein, Sugar, Ex. Phosphate, Bile Salt, Bile Pigment, Ketones body, Urobilinogen (+), Bilirubin (+) tests and find them in Nil For FT4 and TSH we conduct test in Vitros ECI/Advia Centaur XP/Architect I 1000 SR/ Liaison Random Access And Manually check and seek to find the test values within the reference values respectively concluding no thyroid infection halting B cell activation.

    We further plan to conduct a TSH test in Atellica Siemens Automated analyzer and find the figure mlU/L near the upper boundary of the reference value; We plan to conduct a diabetes test RBS and find the test value below the reference value that the patients may have not/ did /does not suffer for Type 1 or type 2 diabetes.

    We conducted a complete urine analysis, CUA using Automated urine analyzer Urised 3 and Labumat for physical examination for quality, color, appearance, sediment and seek to find no risk factors. For Microscopic examination, we seek presence of Pus Cell 1-2 /HPF /HPF for urinary track infection (<4) and Epithelial Cells 1-3 /HPF /HPF (<5) and no RBC, Spermatozoa, Mucus Threads , Yeast , Crystal or Casts.

    We plan to record Collected test results in Big Data to advance preventative medicine, for strain specific model establishment for mutation analysis.

    Note: A3iNet is a hybrid Deep Learning HDNN, Neural Network Systems, applied to Complex Systems Of Systems' Scientific and Industrial Systems Integration as Solution enforced with Ai for Large Scale Enterprise Integration, LSSI, developed by Swedish World Wide & Aerovition Digital Inc..