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Date May 25, 2022

Dear Valued Investors & Friends,

We are pleased to inform you that we have successfully completed our 6 th year in Industry, since our inception in 2016. Our scope and furcation of verticals have diversified also, according global need. We are now present in Noth America, Europe, Asia and operate virtually from more than 100 countries.

We are pleased to inform you that our firm has extends its operations to meet global need to numerous fields namely, Bio technology, and Bio Medial Research and Development, Tele medicine and Ai assisted stem cell research and development. In this connection we have worked with numerous post graduate research institutes for data collections and with actual patients, for experiment research across globe. We also extended our efforts to developing world thru private investment to assess outbreak of infectious and contagious disease which include blood, water borne diseases. We conducted pathological analysis and potential experimental development towards , study, research and cure of viral and bacterial diseases, both blood borne, hereditary and contagious.

We take our approach seriously in the application of applied Ai to assist primary and public healthcare towards a move to build advanced decision support systems and applied methodology in application for internal and extra mural medicine.

We seek new ways to use application of ai in pathological analysis and preventative medicine for augmentation that we feel needs more sophisticated diagnostics mechanism to find root cause in “ state analysis “ to simulate formation and prevention of bio medical and bio physical subjects of interests.

Our Firm appreciates all of your communications to invest in our company. We acknowledge all of the propositions you have sent us. We thank you . We will contact and reply to your communication shortly from our investor relations department for further processing.Best Wishes To All Of You,

We are even more encouraged and look forward to optimisitc furute ahead of us. We collaborate with world's Finest Engineers©

Please Accept Our Gratitude,
Reese, On behalf Of,
Members Of Board Of Directors.

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