Government Of Canada Review Report Regarding Innovation, Corporate Year 2017 - 2018: On Aerovition Digital Inc. SRE&D , Published On Dec 26, 2019 | Message To Our Valued Investors | Commercialization of Innovation & High Volume Production, Collaboration
Review observations, determinations, conclusions, and other decisions

Whether work meets the definition of SR&ED is determined using the methodology described in the Eligibility of Work for SR&ED Policy.

This methodology involves two steps. First, determining if there is SR&ED by answering the following five questions:

Q1: Was there a scientific or a technological uncertainty?
Q2: Did the effort involve formulating hypotheses specifically aimed at reducing or eliminating that uncertainty?
Q3: Was the overall approach undertaken adopted consistent with a systematic investigation or search, including formulating and testing the hypotheses by means of experiment or analysis?
Q4: Was the overall approach for the purpose of achieving a scientific or a technological advancement?
Q5: Was a record of the hypotheses tested and the results kept as the work progressed?
There is SR&ED if the answer to each of the five questions is “yes”.

Company Profile:

Aerovition Digital Inc. is an advisory consulting corporation which holds its Managed services and Specialized Ai and machine learning services, that focuses in specific, Large Scale System of systems’ Research, development and management of business programs with Government and non-government organizations.

Our focus is to apply and innovate state of the art patentable technologies to augment our clients by materializing their business goals across global theatres.

Our patented and patentable technologies interface all governing business domains, to centralized operations for control and technology security, that project visions, to move forwards with and sustain in the coming future for adaption and ease; socialization and mobility.
Managed and autonomous manufacturing, vehicle and aerial transportation systems development, supply chain distribution, optimization and processing for green energy utilization, water district development, enhanced digital and quantum telecommunication systems integration and transformation to, streaming and digital media for advertising and business news , access and manipulation, smart intelligence implementation and design, improved healthcare for disease-prevention and immune system analytics for drug delivery system development & prevention enhancing applied technologies by implementation Ai and ML(Hybrid-Deep learning or Digital to quantum transformation) thru innovation and vision for shared and common good in education and betterment, to make un-trodden-ed path livable and amplifiable. We innovate thru research.

Thus our services will enhance all 16 sectors of a comprehensive project, as it foresees to bring a change in life and living for citizens of the world, to work, educate, socialize, envision together in livable common peace and goodwill. We are an advisory service to apply proven engineering, management and financial knowledge to manage business via executive consultation practices collaboration with Executive VP, CIO, CFO, CEOs , and conduct research & development for product development and service provisioning with veteran industry leaders to move forwards, from stagnant bottleneck to drive with enthusiasm and sprit of accomplishment for relief from drudgery, and integrated industrial development and large scale project/program of Systems management to a destined goal.

It is composed of 34 partnership companies accross globe.

Company Overview From Canadian Government :

Initially founded (by Technology Industry Veterans, University of Cambridge Entrepreneur, experienced alumnis and) Ph.D. graduate(s), Aerovition Digital Inc, An Aerovition Corp. (“ADIAAC”) specializes in providing artificial intelligence based solutions for large scale data integration from numerous vendors' products across all lines of businesses.
ADIAAC was incorporated in June 2016.

ADIAAC is a holding company that has general partnerships with other business entities listed in the original SR&ED claims. Each business entity is responsible for different business functions within ADIAAC. For example, A3IC.ORG is the research body of ADIAAC.

Project: Advancced Research in Artificial Intelligence (2016/08 — Present)

The existing binary internet infrastructure is not specifically designed for security, and the information transmitted through the internet is subject to hacking and is often compromised. To overcome this, researchers have proposed quantum internet to provide virtually unbreakable encryption by leveraging an unique feature of quantum mechanics called entanglement. The act of sensing or measuring the state of a quantum system disturbs that system. Because of this, any third-party eavesdropper would leave a detectable trace, thus preventing them from stealing any information. Although a fully realized quantum network, with functional quantum computers as nodes connected through quantum communication channels, is still some way away, there are many active academic research endeavours in this area. One of the latest achievements was the development of the first ever quantum repeater that worked using all-photonic protocol (WP400) ..The overall objective of the work performed is to develop a hybrid network to integrate the quantum network with the existing internet infrastructure. Based on the fact that any algorithm for a quantum computer can be translated into a quantum walk on a graph and the topology of the existing internet is a map, ... proposed a process to translate information between the map topology in the existing internet to the graph topology in the quantum internet.

During the meeting, ... .. presented five (5) technical patents related to the development of this hybrid network to facilitate the technical discussion ...stated that the work started with the development of the system architecture of the current internet based on the ( map ) topology. .. noted that the system is independent of the source types, and he also provided a list of data sources that will be used for testing the system (WP901). Then, the work moved on to the development of the system architecture of the quantum internet based on the graph topology...explained the definition of the information stored in each quantum bits (”qubits”) in the graph topology, how the information is exchanged in the quantum network, and how the information is translated to the existing internet network. .. .. According to ....., a deep learning hybrid network is required to translate the information in this case. .. then presented and explained the mathematical calculation used in the deep learning network (WP903). During the meeting, .. also demonstrated the source code implemented to date. .. Based on the information presented during the on-site meeting, the following SR&ED projects claimed in TYE2017 and 2018 are all parts of the overall integrated network between the quantum internet and the existing internet.

1. Project: Applied Research and Development
2. Proiect: Business Infrastructure Development Technical Research & Development in Artificial Intelliqence
3. Proiect: Advanced Research in Platform Architecture & SYstem Development

In consideration of the supporting information presented and technical expertise demonstrated by .. concluded that the work erformed was for the purpose of advancing scientific knowledge of exchanging information between the existing internet technology. In relation to the claimed work, it has been determined that there is work for which the answer to each of the five questions is ’yes'. There is SR&ED.

... .. proposed a process to translate information between the (map) topology in the exisiting Internet, to the graph topology in the quantum internet.

In review of the projects Jan 2020:

In relation to the Claimed work, it has been determined that there is work for which the answer to each of the five questions (Reference: SRE&D sub-section SRE&D 248(1)) is - "Yes".

There is SRE&D.

Proposition For Participation
We strongly believe our efforts will strengthen projects, in following areas, in, via direct collaboration in a partnership.

1. R&D, Ai and Machine learning Technology development
2. Product management
3.Executive program Management and Collaboration with Stake holders & Govt. , Business direction
establishment & Line of sight , STP presentation to mitigate RISK
4.Executive management
5.Direct Supplier of Resource and Technology, Delivery
6.Management consulting
7.Financial suppliers of qualified skill resources
8.Application & Integration of manages services: Media product and Advertising
9.Medical and Bo Medical Technology Development, Supplier Resource allocation
10. Technology and Management, Executive coaching, Engineer mentoring.


Applied Artificial Intelligence
Hybrid & Deep Learning Technologies
Machine Learning and Pattern Based System of System Integration
Quantum Computation and Medicine
Computational Neuro Computational Medicine for Disease Research
Digital Transformation of Systems of Systems
Quantum Internet X Design and Application


Medicine: computational and Neuro Computational
Finance & Banking: Federated and cross industry: S&P, NYS
PCI and NFC Based Financial smart Card’ Transaction processing
Stream and Digital Media Solutions
Federated and Govt. Solution :cross industries
Social Media
Computer Industries

For Investment Enquiry / Propositions:

Priavte & Corproate Investors, Media Relations.

Aerovition Digital Inc. Files for a Total of 30+ Embodiments (Patents') and 5 Major Patents With CIPO, WIPO International Bureau, Switzerland.

Priority March 7, 2018
Priority Code, TX Starting,

30 + Embodiment & Extended Embodiment(s).

Abstract: Real Time Intelligence.

Patent Filed,
Applied A3iNet in Real Time Intelligent, Hybrid Network Systems Development (Applied Artificial Intelligence) System Of Systems (SOS), Critical Systems [English]

A Multi Variant Sector-Application

Part -1 Solution For Auto And Underwater Vehicle Configuration Using a3iNet, for civil and defense systems
Part -2 Solution For Aero And Air Systems Configuration Using a3iNet for civil and defense systems
Part -3 Solution For Space And Extra Terrain System Configuration Using a3iNet for civil and defense systems
Part -4 Solution For Embedded And Control System Configuration Using a3iNet, for civil and defense systems
Part -5 Solution For Bio Medical Systems Configuration Using a3iNet
Part -6 Solution For World Wide Financial And Control System Configuration Using a3iNet
Part -7 Solution For Human Bio Physical (Organ) and Quantum Bio Physical Systems Configuration or Research, in Reverse Bio Physics Using a3iNet
Part -8 Solution For World Wide Transportation Systems Configuration (Aerial, Terrain or Space), Using a3iNet
Part -9 Solution For Geo-Physical or Atmospherics Systems Configuration , Using a3iNet
Part -10 Solution For Thermonuclear Research in Accelerator /Quantum Physics Using a3iNet
Part -11 Solution For Industrial and Mass Production of Automation and Ai-Robots Using a3iNet

Aerovition's Platform & VectorMachine©, Business Transformation To Deep Learning & InternetX.

GPU Processing Platform For A3iNet Hybrid Real-Time Intelligent, Deep Learning Network Systems, For Next Generation Quantum InternetX, Qunatum Communicaiton Systems

Diabetes and Bacterial meningitis Treamtment- Present Research - TeleMedicine:

Ai application in Predictive analysis of Nephrological health data analysis for Type 2 End state Patients, bearing debilitating immune systems with 3 or more times blood transfusion using a3iNet
Date: Jan 2021.

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